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We've teamed up with the experts at ASU Ask a Biologist and Dr. Biology to answer some of your interesting and unusual questions about Darwin and evolution, including ones from our lectures that we aren't able to get to. Check out our Q&A here!
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Who We Are


A group of proud monkeys!

The Darwin 150 Project is a public science education initiative focused on celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Charles Darwin's "On the Origin of Species" and bringing the important insights of Darwin and science in general to mainstream adults.

It is brought to you by The Darwin Facebook Group and The Reading Odyssey, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping adults re-engage their intellectual curiosity.

The Reading Odyssey brings together general readers and scholars for phone and web-based peer tutorials, large virtual lectures, and Facebook/Web campaigns on some of the great ideas and books of humanity.

The Darwin 150 Project would not be possible without the dedication and talent of our tremendous volunteer team. What began as a small Facebook campaign in February 2009 to wish Darwin his 200th Birthday has turned into an international campaign involving hundreds of thousands and the start of a movement to bring science back to the people.

To help us run this Campaign and Lecture series celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Charles Darwin's "On the Origins of Species," contact Phil Terry at pterry at readingodyssey dot com.