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Update on Facebook group and campaign

Darwin150 Facebook group update:

As we approach the 150th anniversary of the publication of Darwin's "Origin of Species" on November 24, we'll start updating the status of the group.

Our goal is 1 million by November 24.

Here are the stats:

- Members: 257,285 (as of 6:24pmET, Sun 11/1)
Help us reach the goal - ask people to join and invite everyone they know. And remember that for the Darwin birthday campaign we got to 200,000 folks in 12 days - with a rapidly accelerating rate as we got very close to the birthday (i.e. in the remaining few days).

- Discussion topics:
     - 139 topics
     - many thousands of posts

- Database of articles
       552 links to articles about Darwin, evolutionary biology and related topics.

- Videos
     - 15 videos uploaded (not including many links to videos in the links database)
     - Links now to videos from the Darwin150 lecture series

- Wall posts
There are something like 10,000+ wall posts but Facebook does not give a way to count the number of wall posts in a group (or we haven't found one).

Thanks for all your support. Let's keep up the effort to reach the goal and make a large cultural statement about the breadth and depth of support for the importance of evolutionary biology.

- Phil Terry

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