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Podcast of lecture 2 - "Variation" - by Prof Jonathan Weiner

Last night's second lecture for the Darwin150 campaign - "Variation" - by Professor Jonathan Weiner went very well.

Professor Weiner won a Pulitzer Prize for his wonderful book, "Beak of the Finch", which shows evolution - and specifically variation - in action among "Darwin's finches" in the Galapagos Islands (and details the multi-decade work of Princeton biologists Peter and Rosemary Grant).

To hear the podcast, go here:




Kickoff lecture - "World Before Darwin" video now available

Professor Mendelsohn's wonderful kickoff lecture - "The World Before Darwin" - is now available in video archive.

To watch the lecture and hear the interaction from faculty and students at Harvard and with students, faculty and the general public around the world, click here:

Watch the webcast

The podcast in mp3 format is also available here.


Audio recording of Darwin150 kickoff lecture

We just finished the kickoff lecture of the Darwin150 campaign, "The World Before Darwin",  by the wonderful Professor Emeritus Everett Mendelsohn. Credited with being a cofounder of the social history of science, Professor Mendelsohn has taught and wowed students at Harvard for 50 years.

You can download the mp3 file and listen to his great lecture here.

And you can sign-up for the rest of the Darwin150 lecture series here:

UPDATE: The video from the webcast is available for viewing here.


Missed our call with Richard Milner? Listen to the mp3!

Last Wednesday, we kicked off our Fall Darwin150 Campaign -- the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the publication of Darwin's "On the Origin of Species" -- with scientist, editor, and author Richard Milner.

Milner delighted us with the stories, songs, and science of his new book, "Darwin's Universe." An Associate in Anthropology at the American Museum of Natural History, Richard Milner is an unusual combination of scientist, writer, historian, and Broadway actor.

Download the mp3 of our wonderful conversation here: Download RichardMilner-Aug-19-2009-ReadingOdyssey

We recommend Richard's wise and witty book. Buy it here:

And check out Milner's musical performance website:

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