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Audio recording of Darwin150 kickoff lecture

We just finished the kickoff lecture of the Darwin150 campaign, "The World Before Darwin",  by the wonderful Professor Emeritus Everett Mendelsohn. Credited with being a cofounder of the social history of science, Professor Mendelsohn has taught and wowed students at Harvard for 50 years.

You can download the mp3 file and listen to his great lecture here.

And you can sign-up for the rest of the Darwin150 lecture series here:

UPDATE: The video from the webcast is available for viewing here.


Kickoff lecture, "World Before Darwin", tomorrow Wed 9/16

The kickoff lecture for our Darwin150 campaign is tomorrow, Wednesday 9/16 live at Harvard and via webcast at 8pm Boston time.

Everett Mendelsohn, Professor Emeritus and “one of the founders of the social history of science", will be delivering the lecture "The World Before Darwin."  A professor at Harvard since 1960, Everett Mendelsohn has earned a reputation as one of the most engaging teachers for undergraduates and nonscience majors. 

There are still a few seats left at the Harvard Science center - and some more spots for the live webcast, which can be viewed from anywhere around the world.

To sign-up free for this kickoff lecture, register here:

Many universities, science museums and other institutions are hosting public showings of the live webcast. 

For example, the Texas A&M Biology, Neuroscience, Wildlife and Fishery Services, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology departments have planned a whole series of programs using the Darwin150 lecture series. See what they done here.


Who cares about The World Before Darwin?

We are extremely lucky to be working with Professor Everett Mendelsohn, Professor of the History of Science, Emeritus at Harvard and one of the University's most popular professors, on the first of our free public lecture series this Fall. His lecture will be on "The World Before Darwin," explaining the context in which Darwin's discoveries were truly revolutionary, and setting the stage for our subsequent lectures on Darwin's work.

Students rave about "his ability to connect scientific developments to their historical and social context, and praise the way in which he got undergraduates to interact with course material."

Mendelsohn believes that the sciences "have a real responsibility to make sure that the enlightened citizenry can understand what science is about...emphasizing that Harvard's science faculty should take care to speak to non-science people to increase their confidence that they can and should gain an understanding of what's happening in the sciences."

The Darwin 150 Project Lecture Series is designed to educate the public on the most important insights from Darwin's great book - as well as provide historical context and exciting discoveries at the frontiers of 21st century evolutionary biology.

Free registration for Professor Everett Mendelsohn's lecture is at and the event will be available live at Harvard, or via webcast or teleconference.

If you snoozed through science in school or ever just wondered why you should care about Charles Darwin, this is your chance to find out from one of the best possible teachers on the subject!